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Comic Man Biodegradable iPhone Case

$30.95 USD

KER-RASH! We all know cell phones can take quite a beating, but fear not, Comic Man has got you covered! Well, your phone, at least. 

Our new 100% biodegradable Comic Man iPhone Case is here to safeguard your cherished cell AND the environment. Really, what could be better than that? 

  • 100% biodegradable material
  • Components: soil (30%), onions (7.5%), carrots (7.5%), pepper (7.5%), sawdust (1.5%), rice (18%), soybeans (18%), wheat (10%)
  • Decomposes in ~1 year
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Thickness over 1.8mm
  • Packaged in a degradable and protective CPE 07 bag and shipped in a carton box
  • The SE case fits the 2020 iPhone SE model