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About Us

Stan Lee was not only one of the most influential storytellers of both the 20th and 21st centuries, but he was also our friend, our neighbor, and our teacher. Like a grandfather taking us on his knee and regaling us with fantastical tales of heroism and adventure, Stan taught us right from wrong hidden behind the guise of colorful costumes and wonderous superpowers. He humanized larger than life characters, connected us to a community with his personalized correspondence, and expanded our hearts and minds with philosophy and social awareness. The Man stretched our imaginations no matter our station in life, showing us that an ordinary street corner in our hometown could be just as exciting as an alien planet light-years away.

Stan Lee left an indelible mark not only on pop-culture but on human culture. The Stan Lee brand is a symbol of his life, an invitation to explore the world around us with creativity, vision, and humor. His legacy is constantly and eagerly looking forward to the bright future ahead. Onward and upward to greater glory. Excelsior!